The other day I was discussing the story of Master Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Slabinski or Slab as many called him.

He had just been awarded the Medal of Honor and I ran the story by my younger brother who had served three tours in Iraq with the 3/5 Marines.

You can read about Slabinski here.

My brother replied with the email below. It made me stop and think about the professionals that protect our families and nation. Those who put everything on the line.


“There are good soldiers and bad soldiers

There are also really good soldiers or marines, but only a few really bad marines and soldiers

And then there are the special forces. The best, the most physically fit and intelligent. People that can run marathons or even super marathons

….and then there are of those an even small amount of super soldiers.

The kind of people that you have seen in movies like Rambo or Arnold.

Almost in the fantasy realm of a Hollywood action movie that you might of thought to be an exaggeration before… but it turns out they are actually real.

Super soldiers.

Only the very few… like true Spartan spirits reincarnated. Leaders, that win and loose wars just from the morale they seem to give to anyone around them.

The type of people that catch grenades and then throw them back into an enemy bunker.

Then light up a cigarette and start to talk about off the topic shit as if nothing happened, not even trying to act tough too, its just really who they are, they aren’t phased.”

The next level…”